Editing, editing …


Editing, editing and more editing! I’m working in depth through Boy & Girl (that’s the name of my latest novel, folks!) reading it out loud, sentence by sentence, to hear if it sounds right. It’s an excellent method.

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  1. Hi Alan…

    Coupla’ things–first. Is that a real sample of what an editor’s marks looks like after the fact? because–woo’eee!–that’s a whole lotta red pen. Must be something to confront, I’m thinking.

    Also. I completely agree with you about reading your work aloud to yourself as you go. If it doesn’t roll off the tongue, it won’t roll easily into a reader’s brain, either. It’s just that simple.

    1. Hi Karen. The red pen is a vestige of my (long gone) days as an English teacher. The corrections are mine not those of another editor. I generally edit as I go along and then come back and edit again several times, each time looking at a different aspect of the work.

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