Come off it, Apple!

My first novel, The Reaches, is available on Apple’s iBookstore in various countries and I have always been an ardent Apple user. So why is the first serious eBook I bought on Kindle? The answer is as simple as it is infuriating! You can buy the books you want on Kindle with no restrictions due to the country you are buying them from. Such is not the case with Apple’s iTunes system. You can only buy those books available in your local iTunes store. In Switzerland, where I live, there are next to no contemporary books available. Why can’t I buy ebooks from the UK or US iBookstore. Apple has adopted a one-size-fits-all model that was initially imposed by major record labels. Come off it guys! Your iTunes system was a great success but you urgently need to address its limits. It is absurd that commodities such as books, films and music that can be shipped in the so-called real world to any destination, can’t be bought on the Internet from many destinations.

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