Exhibition 75

Photo wall
Photo Wall – sixty A4 format photos

Here are some echoes of a private exhibition to celebrate 75 years of creativity that took place several days ago in Saint-Blaise. It included a small selection of my photos, some of which figured on the Photo Wall pictured above. There were also extracts from my forty illustrated notebooks begun in 1981 and spanning nearly twenty years, as well as art videos dating back to the same period. Also on display were a few of the 80 short stories I’ve published on Secret Paths Story Fragments. I translated into French some six of the 470 posts here on Author’s Notes – friends and acquaintances who speak only French have been crying out for translations. And, of course, there were my twelve published novels along with the covers of the two new ones to be published by the end of this year: The Boy in the Book and The In-Between.

To offer an opportunity for those who live nearby to visit the exhibition, it will be open to the public briefly, Saturday September 23rd from 2pm to 6pm at La Châtelainie, Mureta 2, CH-2072 Saint-Blaise.

Glimpses of an exhibition

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