Flash Fiction Master Class


Today I attended a Flash Fiction Master Class with Mary-Jane Holmes, organized by Joy Manne in Pully near Lausanne. I presented a new flash fiction piece called The Blinkin’ Box and began work on a new piece which doesn’t yet have a title.  Here are a couple of snippets from the day’s work:

(…) Variety in length and complexity of sentences makes a text flow better.

(…) Changing sentence length and type changes the emphasis of the text and even the voice.

(…) When a piece of writing doesn’t work, the answer often lies at the sentence level.

(…) Characters can be differentiated by adopting differing syntax.

Below is a picture of Mary-Jane Holmes during the master class.  Mary-Jane is chief editor at Fish Publishing, an independent publishing company based in the West of Ireland whose aim is to encourage and promote new writers. The company was founded by Clem Cairns and Jula Walton in 1994 and its patrons include Roddy Doyle, Dermot Healy and Frank McCourt.


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