Local Voices published

Local Voices, the sequel to Stories People Tell, is now available in print and electronic format. For sample chapters, links to buy a copy and more information about the novel, click here.

I set aside a novel I was writing in April 2018 called People of the Forest and began Local Voices under the provisional title The Sisterhood of Witches. When it became clear that the book was not about witches, I changed the title to Local Voices. I finished editing the draft in February 2019 and set the book aside for what I thought would be a short period. In the mean time, I wrote and published Chimera in 2019 and subsequently We Girls! a year later followed by The Cloud Catcher earlier this year. I also wrote two thirds of Bursting with Life. With Local Voices now available, it joins Stories People Tell, as those of my books that are the most anchored in an existing physical place, London. I very much enjoyed exploring the city with my characters and inserting an entirely imaginary story in an existing political and social context.

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