Newsletter, March 29th 2015

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Newsletter: Sunday March 29th 2015
Here is the latest news from Secret Paths, in particular the reading at Payot in April. Do attend if you can. If you find interesting material on the site, don’t hesitate to tell others about it. Thanks. Alan.

Book reading at Payot, Geneva, April 9th, 18:00
I will be reading an extract from In Search of Lost Girls along with a number of readings from other Geneva Writers’ Group writers at the new English section of Payot, on the 1st floor, 7 rue de la Confédération, Geneva on Thursday April 9th from 6pm. Do come along, if you can. You will be able to buy a copy of my book and have it signed. And if you haven’t already read Boy & Girl, that will be available too.
Book quote: Chaos
Professor Outman, visiting speaker at Avan University’s Theosophy Department and old friend of Sally, throws a new and sometimes amusing light on chaos and the beginning of the universe. See the full illustrated quote and read more in The Reaches, book one of The Storyteller’s Quest. A complete list of all illustrated quotes is available here.
New Flash Fiction
I have published two new pieces of flash fiction: The Colourful Band Stand and Devouring Folk Tales. See also the new index of all my short stories.
Critique: The Buried Giant
I just finished Kazuo Ishiguro’s latest novel The Buried Giant. Here’s an extract of my critique: The central theme of Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel The Buried Giant is forgetfulness. Not the forgetfulness that is the result of modern life which leaves the elderly untethered from the past and disconnected from society around them, but rather a magically induced loss committed then forgotten in the name of peace that preserved medieval society in a restless present… Read on.


Photos: New people, old people
See the new photos added to the Secret Paths People gallery This photo (taken from one of my notebooks) shows the now professor François Albera but then teacher at the fine arts school in Geneva in discussion with the late filmmaker Johan van der Keuken during a visit of the latter to Geneva in the 80’s. A complete list of all galleries can be found here.

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