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Sunday May 26th at 1pm ET (7pm European time or 6pm UK time) listen to Anne White and GInger Dawn of Creating Calm Network interview Alan McCluskey about Boy & Girl, The Storyteller’s Quest series and the Geneva Writers Group. After that date, the interview will be available on streaming.

Here’s the link:

And here’s what Anne and Ginger wrote about the programme:

Alan McCluskey is the author of  Boy and  GirlThe Reaches, and Keeper’s Daughter.
He writes poignantly about gender identity issues, alternate realities, friendships and dream worlds.  He weaves wonderous threads of individuals into more complicated relationships.  Very rich writing.
McCluskey shares his life journey from being schooled in mathematics, to teaching – where one student critiques him by saying he taught her “the creative value of madness.”
Interviewed by Ann White and Ginger Dawn Harman of The Creating Calm Network,Alan shares his writing style and thought processes as he develops these mind and thought altering works.
Alan is a member of The Geneva Writer’s Group.

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