Thank you Steve

Steve Jobs

Photo published by Apple Insider

One of the many things that Steve Jobs and Apple changed was our attitude to computing: you should need to know nothing of computing to be able to use a device run on a computer. School fought that change for a long time. Some teachers still do. Another message Apple gave us was that learning is not tied to a place or time or person but can and does go on everywhere, at all time, with everyone. In many ways school is still opposing that change and no doubt will continue to do so as it’s very existence is built on separating learning from life. Thanks Steve for your vision and dedication. Im sure you’re right and the crazy ones, those who think differently, will triumph in the end.

And while we cherish the memory of great successes like Steve Jobs, let’s not forget the many, many people who do think and act differently but who are ostracised or put down because of it.

The crazy ones narrated by Steve Jobs.

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