The Cloud Catcher- back cover text

Fran’s father was a monster. He would regularly beat her and abuse her with the tacit complicity of her mother. What 18-year-old Fran didn’t know was that she was adopted. Nobody knew her real parents were a cloud and a handmaiden from a temple dedicated to clouds on another world. She got dragged into the affairs of that world when she stumbled on of a ravishing girl from the temple. Those girls could neither hear nor speak, but communicated mind-to-mind. That Fran could do both enabled her to act as a bridge between those who could and couldn’t speak. At the same time, she discovered the cloud side to her nature. When catastrophe struck the other world, Fran rescued some boys and girls and brought them back to the farm she’d just inherited from her adopted father. He might have been dead, struck down by angry lightning, but his sordid legacy continued to haunt her and threatened to ruin her plans for a better life for herself and her new-found friends.

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