The end of a tunnel

Me-2016-01-09 smallI have spent the last couple of months recovering from two heart operations or rather from the side effects of some of the medicine I was prescribed. Now I am beginning to feel my old self again. During that period, one thing was able to rally my failing energy, that was editing The Starless Square, the third book of The Storyteller’s Quest. It is undoubtedly the best book I have written and reworking it gave me immense pleasure.The Starless Square

As I plan the publication of The Starless Square, which I have set for March 2016, I am surprised to realise that the last  novel I published was in 2012. I have not ceased to write during that period and now have five novels waiting for final edits, not to mention all the flash fiction published in the interim. No doubt all sorts of conclusions could be drawn from this four year break, but probably the most important result is that The Starless Square will finally be available, not only for those who have read the first two books of The Storyteller’s Quest, but for all those interested in my work or who enjoy reading a good story.

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  1. Dear Alan, Sounds like you’ve been through one of those special times when life takes on other colours. Glad you are well again. I’ve been going through your blog and enjoy it. What creativity and how well you fill the “empty box.”
    I have a request. A year ago you took a lovely photo of Susan T. and me at BooksBooksBooks just after I’d broken my elbow. I think its a great photo and I wonder if I can buy a copy. I’ve got very few photos of that period in my life, months of operations and other horrors, and I love how well you’ve caught our friendship. With a prothesis and an arm that can almost function again, I salut you, fellow warrior.

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