Two young teenagers, Peter and Fi, are on the towpath beside the river Frayne in the following extract from Boy & Girl. But what is the unspoken question Peter answers? You’ll have to read the book to find out… but know that it might not be what you think.


They stood there for ages, silent and unmoving. He could hear the splash of a fish as it leaped clear of the water in the nearby river. He could hear the marsh birds calling to each other as they hunted insects. He could hear the chirping of fledglings eager for food. He could feel Fi’s heart beating, her breasts heaving hard against his chest. He could taste the salt of her tears on her neck as he pressed his lips against her skin. He could feel his own heart fluttering as he sensed the thudding pulse of blood in her throat.

“Yes,” he whispered in her ear, answering an unspoken question.

At first she didn’t seem to understand, then she pulled away a short distance and looked into his eyes, questioning. “Yes?” Her voice trembled.

He leaned forward till their lips almost touched. “Yes.”

The Boy & Girl Saga

Boy & Girl – Imagine Peter’s delight when he finds himself in the head of a girl, he who secretly dresses as a girl. Yet, despite his wild hopes, that girl is not him. She’s Kaitlin, the daughter of a mage in a beleaguered world. Peter has his own problems when a new girl at school threatens to reveal his girly ways. Becoming friends, Kate and Peter confront their problems together.

In Search of Lost Girls – In search of Kate, his lost soul-mate, Peter is beset by individuals hell-bent on stopping him dressing as a girl and besmirching the name of all those who befriend him. Meanwhile Kate has been dumped into a girls’ orphanage where, despite constant abuse and mistreatment, she emerges as a decisive figure in the rescue of her fellow orphans.

We Girls – Peter is beset by an existential choice, retain his androgynous ambiguity or say goodbye to his girlish self. Circumstances, however, force both him and Kate to take up other challenges. By straddling the line between child and adult, between carefree creativity and weighty responsibility, between play and work, they find imaginative ways to confront far-reaching problems on which adults persistently turn a blind eye.

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