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As part of preparation for my novel Boy & Girl I collected photos related to gender ambiguity on a Pinterest board (*). It was not easy to find suitable material. For some reason, many males who dress as females often feel a need to exhibit their masculinity in a way that is not suitable for the wider audience. Others go in for derision which doesn’t fit with the preoccupations of Boy & Girl either. Peter, one of the main characters in the story, wanted to look like a girl not parody them.

In Boy & Girl, Peter struggles with his desire to dress as a girl, at a time when such behaviour was seen as homosexual which in turn was illegal in Britain. Both in Boy & Girl and in the subsequent In Search of Lost Girls, Peter tries to come to terms with what cross-dressing means for him with the help of some extraordinary people he meets.

For sample chapters from Boy & Girl and In Search of Lost Girls, click on the titles.

The photo above is of Ella who went to great lengths to look like a girl and was very successful at it. She wrote extensively about her situation and about her desire to transition to being a girl. There’s a link to her webpage on Pinterest.

(*) Note that Pinterest deleted all my content and my account without the slightest explanation.

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    1. Hi Andi. What are the “those” you refer to?
      My book, Boy & Girl, which is fiction, explores how a twelve year old boy handles people’s extreme reactions to him dressing as a girl. Not that people actually see him doing so. There was no question of him exploring such tendencies in public in 1960. But a few people instinctively felt something was “different”.

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