Chapter one in the mountains

Photo: Alan McCluskey

On a prolonged weekend in the mountains (those flowers really were frozen!), I finished the first chapter of my new book, Immortal No More. That’s over 10’500 words in less than two weeks. Pleased. And surprised. The underlying themes that sprang up were quite unexpected. No. I’m not going to tell you what they are. Later, maybe. But I am publishing a short extract. Remember this is a rough draft only.

The far side of the dormitory was devoid of girls. The little girl halted, looking round to see if they were being watched, then she got down on all fours and crawled under one of the beds. When Beth hesitated, the girl beckoned, a worried look on her face. Feeling stupid, Beth glanced round to see if anyone was watching. All were engrossed in their games and chattering. So she scrambled under the bed. Being much bigger than the girl, moving in such a confined space was a struggle. Several times she snagged her dress on the wooden bed frame.

Did the girl live under the bed? Beth hoped not. Making friends with a nutter that slept under a bed was hardly a good start. There was little light so Beth hurried to keep up as the girl crawled under several beds placed side by side.

Beth was about to give up and return the way she’d come when an eerie light filled the cramped space. The girl had opened a door in the wall no higher than the space under the bed. Once Beth wriggled through, the little girl helped her to her feet. They were in a large room with one small window placed high on the wall casting a gloomy light over piles of furniture, most of which were covered with sheets and dust covers.

Read another short extract.

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