Happy New Year 2022

There are so many things we don’t see, even when they are in plain sight. But deep under the conscious layers of our brain, we are ‘aware’ of them, although they are not necessarily brought to our waking attention. Such is the working of our brain that saves us much effort by filtering out the extraneous. By concentrating on the essential, we are able to function economically in a familiar world. We may gain time and efficiency but, as a result, we are ill-equipped for the unfamiliar or the unexpected. We are less open to the everyday beauty of the world, as we pass like sleep-walkers by many delightful sights or revealing moments. Some people are blessed (or cursed) with an ability to see what others do not. In those more or less fleeting moments, they gain access to a world of wonders that can be profoundly moving and inspiring or even revealing, while at the same time being excitingly ambiguous, if not frightening. What did the bible say? I misquote. Let those who have eyes to see, see… Indeed. Those words may well have pointed to quite a different reality to the one I’m hinting at here, but, all the same, they ring true. On this New Year’s Day, with a strange photo I snapped this morning, may I wish you a chance to glimpse the magic that is hidden all around us. Happy New Year. Alan.

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