Reading of Dr. Freud and the Rabbit


Dr. Freud & the Rabbit

Hear me read my short story Dr. Freud and the Rabbit on Earl Merkel’s The Book W/E broadcast on Authors on Air on Sunday July 28th at 9pm Eastern Time USA at the link provided here . Or subsequently on demand at the same link. Here’s an extract from the beginning:

“Frankly,” the rabbit said after a long silence, making a show of staring off into the distance, “are you sure it’s only my problem?”

Despite the small cushion placed behind its head, the couch was hardly comfortable. Lounging about like a human being was not a thing it chose to do often. If only it were back in the snug safety of its warren.

You can also read another short story I just wrote called All at Sea in the Mist. Here’s a short extract from the beginning:

The mist swirled in off the sea, engulfing the holiday-makers and enveloping the crowded beach in one easy, fluid movement. The sound of the nearby waves breaking on the sand reached them only as a muffled whoosh. Further off, a strangled fog-horn wailed in distress…

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