Two new short stories

There’s been a flurry of short story writing since I finished the draft of In Search of Lost Girls. Here are two more. The first is entitled: The Path. Here’s the beginning.

The young man got to his feet and paced a well worn circle around the wooden foldable chair on which he had been seated. A blackbird circled overhead, then settled on the back of the vacated chair with a flutter of its wings and began silently preening. The young man, his hands clasped behind his back, his face set in grim determination, paid the bird no heed as he continued to pace… (Read on)

The second is called Magical Words. Here’s a short extract.

The door swung open and in strolled Winston, master art theoretician, connoisseur of strange artifacts, specialist of Lacan and other obscure luminaries, and, above all, marathon orator and supreme performer. His jacket flowed out behind him as if he were wearing a cape or one of those gowns that professors used to wear when giving lectures… (Read on)

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