Voltaire’s Candide on Twitter

It’s not the first time the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) has taken plays to Twitter. Now they are taking the entire plot of Candide, Voltaire’s book about the Optimist, to Twitter in an adaptation by Mark Ravenhill, before his play opens in the Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon from 29 August to 26 October. If you want to follow it on Twitter, check out @TweetCandide. Eight tweets will be sent out each weekday from between 26 June and 29 August.

From my own experience of writing a novel for Twitter – it subsequently became a more traditional fantasy novel called Storyfolk –  it’s not an easy medium to use. Writing such an extend piece for Twitter only really makes sense for anything sequential like a story if you can isolate that content from the massive flow of other Tweets… Looking forward to seeing how they fare.

For more information visit the RSC website.

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